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Have you ever feel confuse where to meet with your friends or colleagues?
Or have you ever feel the struggle in finding your favourite store inside a mall?
Now we have an app for that!

Spotpunch is an app to help you easier find places inside your favourite malls with just few simple taps on your smartphone. We make it easy for users to look for their favourite brands or stores. With Spotpunch, you can explore the stores inside your favourite malls, anywhere, anytime you like.

Get connected with your favorite brands with Spotpunch. Get special offers from your favorite brands! Exploring now gets more fun and easy!

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Yofie Setiawan

Yofie Setiawan

Chief Executive Officer

He is a web designer that has start his web design business, Yopdesign, since 2009. He lead a small team of programmer and designer. He is passionnate in build good UI/UX to solve problems with design perspectives. His idea to build Spotpunch is to reinvent advertising, help businesses to grow, and easily searchable. He also a Mozilla Representative for Indonesia.

Khantri Iswahyudi

Khantri Iswahyudi

Chief Technology Officer

Khantri first learn coding in 2008. His first programming language is HTML. He works together with Yofie since 2010 in developing websites for various type of clients. Khantri is self-taught coder, at first he do programming for hobby, but now he already became a professional programmer. Right now he loves to code with HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, JAVA, etc.

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Gedung Tifa, Annex Suite
Jl. Kuningan Barat I No.26
Mampang Prapatan - Jakarta 12710

+62 859 5959 8224

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