Social Advertising Platform

What is a Social Advertising Platform? We saw many social media platforms nowadays, such Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc. But what is a Social Advertising Platform? With Spotpunch we want to build a Social Advertising Platform, a platform where users as customers can also get benefit from business owners. We struggled for many years researching and learning the market, and we come up with a strategy that we believe as a rellevant answer for nowadays problem. We want to help business owners to be able to spend their marketing budget more effective and get more impact. Many retail stores is closing, as the impact of the growth of ecommerce business. But retail stores can't actually blame the ecommerce business, because they only add technology innovation, which makes it different and better from conventional retail stores. If only we can help retail stores to add same or even better innovation, we believe we can help business owner of retail stores to balance the competition.